Elsa Jean McTaggart

WhenThe World Stood Still Genre Music, Folk, Story Telling.A Celtic fusion of Hebridean tunes and stories.Boilersuits, Beanies and a Barrow! That’s what was waiting for this musical duo whenlockdown hit!Froma Sunny Party-land in Gran Canaria to the cold, wet, windy Western Isles of Scotland, amusical story of survival as this Scottish couple found themselves with no option but to diveheadlong into renovating their near derelict cottage on the Isle of Lewisand finding theirway through online live streaming, music and island life!A truly mesmerising twinning of music and storytelling of how a global community wasformed and came together to support each other through uncertain times, an album wascomposed,a book written, a DVD filmed. A tale interwoven with original compositions onfiddle, banjo, mandolin, penny whistles and bouzouki and Accordion; One couples tunefulaccount of survival during Covid 19.A Celtic fusion of Hebridean Melody celebrating life,sorrow, uncertainty, joy and laughter.From the producers of recent sellout shows Hebridean Fire and Eva Cassidy The Story comesanother show to remember. Elsa and Gary have been wowing audiences worldwide and forthe first time after lockdown will be bringing the show live to you.

Elsa Jean McTaggart CONCERTS

Elsa Jean McTaggart – Eva Cassidy: The Story

@ Crail Community Hall, Crail | October 22, 2022

Elsa Jean McTaggart

@ Rosehall Village Hall, Rosehall | November 25, 2022


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