Kissing the Flint

Leah Chynoweth-Tidy is an Australian-born singer-songwriter, now based between her father’s native Scotland and her husband’s family in Cheshire.

An Australian Celtic Song Of The Year nominee seasoned with a love of rockabilly and steampunk, Leah created musical project Kissing The Flint (‘creating a spark’) to cut through the fakery of the modern world. Authenticity and emotion run through her songwriting, storytelling and live performance, leaving each listener feeling connected and empowered.

Song themes flow from an adventurous spirit with crystal clarity of message and vivid imagery drawn from experience, empathy and imagination. Solo or with a full band, Leah moves easily from roots beauty to sultry raunch in explorations of the human condition, a genuine desire to empower others and a lifelong affinity with the natural world.

Honing live performance chops in cover bands from 2012, Leah began focusing on original song-writing from 2015. Queensland Music Festival’s ‘Songs That Made Me’ 2017 mentorship program formed her debut EP ‘Unconditionality’ released in 2019; the title track is a call-to-arms to own true self and not compromise for others.

Kissing the Flint CONCERTS

Kissing the Flint

@ Quarrymen's Arts Centre, Creetown | November 12, 2022


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