Letham Village Hall

Letham Nights is a unique voluntary community music initiative operating from Letham Village Hall in Fife, the favoured venue of the legendary Jimmy Shand. Building on this musical heritage, Letham Nights brings an eclectic mix of high quality music to a local audience in a warm, music-loving atmosphere. We are committed to supporting musicians, enabling them to give full expression to their work and appreciating the effort it takes to put their artistic spirit on the stage. We are also working together to create a zero-carbon village hall. At each of our events, the ‘Clap and Tipple’ bar will bring you a fine selection of beer, wines, soft drinks and snacks which are as far as possible locally sourced, organic and/or fair trade. Our 120 capacity, all-seated hall is laid out with tables, cafe-style, with room left at the front for a boogie in case you are moved by the music.

EVENTS AT Letham Village Hall